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We got a problem with washing machine,this service center solved our problem with in time.
Excellent service delighted with efficiency and cost effective.
Booked & repaired same day and arrived on time as advised. Service center was friendly . Thank guys.
Excellent service Gave good advise and helped sort my problem


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There are many brands competing in the market in every washing machine model. But, IFB is the brand that’s been standing a tough competition for all the major brands. Our job doesn’t end by just owning a washing machine of the higher price range but its proper maintenance is what matters a lot.

A washing machine is one of the useful products in our day to day life. There is no time to wash the clothes for those who are busy with their work. So maximum number of people are looking forward to washing machines. It has a wide range of models like a semi-automatic, fully automatic, top load, front load washing machines, dual load washing machines.

There might be many reasons for happening of issues in your washing machine. Which involves, overloading it more than its range or rough handling and using it. And what I don’t like all the time is an instant problem. Some other issues…

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